Hey, RING Magazine – Big Ronda Rousey Fans, Are Ya?
Nov 13 2015 6:49 PM
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If the cover of The RING is for sale, it should be a known fact about the so called “Boxing Bible”.

The UFC heads towards this Nov. 14th title fight between Holly Holm and Ronda Rousey knowing that Rousey is one of their top two draws world-wide.

That they are plastering Rousey everywhere is clear, so it would not be a surprise if they purchased the cover.

The magazine's history, with different ownership, includes scandals where the fighter rankings were bought and sold, so it is important to know just how the magazine is run.

A boxing editor who wanted to celebrate the upcoming UFC title fight in some way really had no further to look Rousey's opponent Holly Holm as a cover for the issue.

A decorated world champion boxer with more than ten years dedicated to the sweet science, Holm carved a career record of (33-2-3) out for herself.

She retired from boxing to pursue MMA, and has gone (9-0) in that discipline.

Holm is on the cusp of history if she can pull of a win against Rousey, as she would in effect be the first ever world champion in both sports.

An honest look at where both sports are today and you realize the list of athletes who might be capable of the feat is probably two, and they are both in this fight.

Holm is in a historic situation, and though she is a big underdog in the fight and she is unlikely to come out the winner, she should be receiving support from the boxing world.

She is representing the sport and she has done so with a lot of class since she started her MMA career, and she would have been an appropriate choice for The RING's cover.

Would Cat Fancy magazine ever put a dog on their cover?

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