TBC History – The Illustrated Record Jan 7 1911
Jan 10 2018 8:37 PM

TBC History – The Illustrated Record Jan 7 1911 – More than 100 years ago, the general public got their boxing news from newspapers and periodicals such as The Illustrated Record.

Page 14 of the January 7th issue featured a column called the “Sporting Record.” In this TBC History segment, we read from the column headlined “Jack (Twin) Sullivan Chases Referee From the Ring.”

The story  tells of a fight between two notables of the era, Jack “Twin” Sullivan and Dan “Porky” Flynn. The bout occurted on December 27th in Boston and the story tells of a disagreement with the outcome of the fight. Things were apparently getting heated when in stepped the legendary Sam Langford to calm things down.

You can only truly understand where a sport is heading when you know it’s history. Men getting heated up and coming to blows over a disputed decision only to have cooler heads prevail. Enjoy this blast from the past here at TBC.


TBC History – The Illustrated Record Jan 7, 1911 / Check out more boxing news and features at The Sweet Science.

Illustrated Record Jan 7

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