TBC History – The Illustrated Record Jan 21, 1911
Jan 30 2018 4:19 AM

TBC History – The Illustrated Record Jan 21, 1911 – In this latest TBC look back at The Illustrated Record, we take a peak at the January 21, 1911 edition featuring promoter Tex Rickard on the cover.

The previous year saw the legendary Jack Johnson versus Jim Jeffries heavyweight showdown go down on July 4th and the illustration on the cover shows Rickard actively working to produce a rematch. The Record shows that Rickard had an agreement in place with Johnson and he was looking to sign Jeffries. We nowknow that the re-match never happened but it is interesting how little some things change. Imagine a promoter trying to lure two fighters into a lucrative rematch?

For this week’s reading, we focus on an article discussing the legality of the “kidney punch.” The look back definitely reveals a global sport developing as the interpretation of the rules in the United States and England are discussed. Take a listen….


Other interesting notes from this issue:

  • Dan “Porky” Flynn is reported to have fought for the third straight week. This time, he faced Al Kubiak in  Philadelphia, losing over 6 rounds.
  • The back panel of the magazine is dedicaated to one of the legendary meetings between Joe Jennette and Sam Langford. The pair met more than a dozen times in their historic careers, and in this meeting, Langford is said to have dealt out a “savage beating.”


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Illustrated Record Jan 21

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