Is “Canelo” Hiding The Ex-Girlfriend of “El Chapo”?!?
Mar 02 2016 12:00 AM
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An interesting story coming out of Mexico that really illustrates just how big a star Saul “Canelo” Alvarez is in his native country.

Though elite boxers have their place in American society, “Canelo” has transcended in his native Mexico, crossing over in to the world of celebrity and paparrazi.

Face it, Alvarez is rich and famous, and the tabloids in Mexico cannot get enough of him.

For the last several weeks, Alvarez has been the subject of a rumor that Kate del Castillo, the actress and ex-girlfriend of notorious drug kingpin “El Chapo” was staying at his house.

Alvarez has been linked to del Castillo in the past and he has described her as a friend. Alvarez has consistently denied having her stay in his home since the rumors popped up in the Mexican tabloids.

One inside observer of Mexico's complicated media jungle elaborated “it all came to a head when Univision asked him on camera. It became big news instantly. Alvarez is in tight with TV Azteca, and everyone knows that they would never ask him that type of controversial question. It took UniVision, the rivals of TV Azteca to ask “Canelo” on camera and make it national news and not just a tabloid story”.

Watch Alvarez react to the question posed by UniVision's Yelena Solano, who caught up with “Canelo” at New York City's Hard Rock Café while the boxer was on the road promoting his upcoming bout with Amir Khan.

Alvarez mentor Oscar De La Hoya is a big star in Mexico himself, and he did not escape the tough questions from Univision.

Check out his surprise when Solano asks him if the “el Chapo” had paid him to set up private fights.

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