Jesus Soto Karass lost against Alexander, retirement is not in his plans
Jun 22 2014 4:13 PM
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Jesus Soto Karass as always delivered a great show, but lost a UD to Devon Alexander, this gave him 2 consecutive losses, and ten total in his career; however he affirmed after the fight that boxing is his life and he is not considering retirement.

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oubobcat says:

Soto Karass put on a very good performance on Saturday and gave a great effort. Though he cam up short, still has plenty in the tank and can give a lot of Welterweights fits out there.

After watching this card, there is one fight out there for Soto Karass thta makes a ton sense. And that is a match with Yoshihiro Kamegai.

Both fighters are coming off losses in entertaining bouts where they performed better than a lot of people thought they would. And both are brawlers whose styles can't help but make for one fun fight to watch for the fans. It would almost certainly be guaranteed to be a fight of the year candidate.

Oscar says he is making fights for the fans and those fights he is referring do not have to involve all big names. This is a makeable fight between two Golden Boy fighters that would certainly get the attention of the fans for the fireworks it would produce inside the ring. I hope Oscar has the foresight to get these two to the negotiating table and make it happen for the fans.

Skibbz says:

I like the match up Oubob, it'll be a very good fight and there's no doubt that it'll be exciting and warm up the crowd before for the main event. Nothing takes you off your seat as two guys going at it full whack displaying their heart and conditioning. I would like to see it personally, and certainly more of Kamegai on the better cards.

brownsugar says:

Maybe I'm getting soft but I'm concerned about Soto-Karrass.
He's had the hardest itinerary in boxing. Maidana, Berto, Thurman, and Alexander. He went 1-3 in those fights and was KO'd twice. Each fight was a war where Soto-Karrass was getting the stuffing pummeled out of him.

I think Soto-Karrass should take some time off … He's already showing signs of dementia (in my humble opinion).
I'd like to see him take some vacation time then go to the gym for a few months to tighten up his short comings …. Lack of speed, slow feet, and no head movement.
At the rate he's going ….he won't be able to enjoy his retirement.

thegreyman says:

Soto-Karrass remains a tough fight for almost anyone in the division. He's a great underdog, capable of pulling off upsets to those who don't make the grade, or who underestimate him. In that respect, he's a great gate keeper, and I hope to see him back in the ring again.

Love the match-up Oubob, hope it comes about.