Jesus Soto Karass talks about his win over Andre Berto, and says he is ready for whoever comes next
Jul 28 2013 2:00 PM
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Click CC on the bottom menu of the video for English Subtitles. Mexican boxer Jesus Soto Karass pulled the upset against Andre Berto, with a 12R TKO. Judges has the fight a draw up until that point.

Video transcript:

Hello friends, how are you doing? Luis Ortiz here for Boxing Channel, and in the company today of Jesus Soto Karass. Jesus, congratulations on your victory, a difficult war, it was what it was a war in the center of the ring with a lot of punches, what happened, that you mentioned that in the last round your corner told you to go out and box and you did the opposite?

-Well yes, the corner from their point of view they had me winning the fight on points, and they didn't want me to be surprised by Berto, he is dangerous, but I was really mad because of the low blow on round 11, so I told my corner, no, no I will go out and finish him, I'll finish him, and I went out yelling, I went after him, and thank God he gave me the strength and the wisdom to knock him out.

– Can you give me your thoughts on the low blow? the referee counted it as a knock down, that you went down to the canvas, what did you think about that? Well, it's different points of view, if he would have given me a body shot to the liver he would have taken my breath out, but truth is he didn't that's what made me really mad, but I managed to calm down and continue the rest of the round to do a good job, but I have nothing to say about it, the referee didn't see it, he saw it and counted it as a good punch, so nothing to do there.

-One last thing, before you leave, yesterday during the weigh-in we talked about the fact that a lot of people consider you as a challenge, a man to beat as a true challenge and move on to bigger fights and if not then they don't make it, this time you won, in a spectacular fashion, so how do you feel about that and what is the next step for you? Well, fight, whichever one my promoter Golden Boy gets for me, what my manager says goes, if he says I'll fight Broner or Alexander, whoever they put in front of me, Maidana, maybe a rematch with Maidana, I'll be happy, whatever comes, what I am happy about is that better things are coming, with any fighter that comes along, I don't have anyone in mind, whoever they put in front of me, I will be ready for. Thank you very much for everything Jesus, and here we are for Boxing Channel, Luis Ortiz

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