Joe DeGuardia expects Chris Algieri to get a shot with Manny Pacquiao next
Jun 19 2014 5:15 PM
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Joe DeGuardia, founder and president of Star Boxing, had one of the best nights of his life yesterday, June 14, as two of his fighters, Demetrius Andrade and Chris Algieri got big wins.

Chris Algieri surprised everyone with a win over Ruslan Provodnikov and he hopes to be considered as Manny Pacquiao's next opponent; if this doesn't happen DeGuardia says a rematch is also a good opportunity.

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oubobcat says:

Obviously Provodnikov is now out as a potential opponent for Pacquaio next.

This could end up like the Josesito Lopez situation a few years ago. Victor Ortiz was supposed to fight Canelo but lost the opportunity when he lost his showcase bout prior. Instead, the man that upset him, Josesito Lopez, got the shot at Canelo when there wern't many other opponents available to fill that date.

Algieri performance and the drama behind the performance have made him an instant household name. I still think Marquez is option A, B and C at the moment for Arum and Pacquiao. But if Marquez simply does not want the fight as some suggest then they have to go to plan D. And there arn't many other names out there at the moment.

So yes, Algieri is possible and my guess would be if he gets the call the fight will almost certainly be taking place in Macau.

Radam G says:

I wake up after just two hours of zzzzzzz, and see that I'm beat to the draw. Algieri is a “Vanilla Tim” — I mean a man of straw. But he does remind me of a mix of Tim Bradley and Vanilla Ice. You get so much less for the price.

Ali Baba — I mean Algieri — is a THIEF, a pugilistic outlaw. He and his cohorts straight-up committed hitting-air robbery of the Siberian Rocky, who eats most of his food raw.

Now they want to commit pugilistic suicide by challenging Da Manny in Macau. They will be coming to a place that is not foul.

Totally whipped and kayoed, will be Vanilla Tim. His chances of winning won't even be an iota of slim.

I think that I will reholla at Lil' Kim. Maybe she will tell her homeboy Vanilla Tim that in China, his lights will go dim — D@MN DIM! Hehe! [url]!