Legal issues between Mikey Garcia and Top Rank remain, no fight date for the WBO champion
Sep 16 2014 10:37 PM
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WBO super featherweight champion Mikey Garcia continues to train and stays in shape although he is uncertain of when he will be back in the ring.

Garcia says he is taking this time off as a “vacation” while his legal situation with promoter Top Rank comes to a solution.

Mikey Garcia filed a lawsuit against Top Rank April 8th, the suit claims that: “Top Rank's unlawful attempt to exploit, own and permanently control “Garcia's boxing career “as well as Top Rank's consistent violation of the Muhammad Ali

Boxing Reform Act, a federal statute enacted for the express purpose of protecting professional boxers like Garcia from the exploitative practice of boxing promoters like Top Rank.”

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oubobcat says:

Garcia has so much talent and I hate seeing a fighter with so much talent in the prime of their career sit on the sideline due to legal issues. I hope he can get this resolved soon but as we are seeing with Andre Ward these usually drag out for some time.

I will say I am mystified as to what his beef with Top Rank is all about. Top Rank masterfully guided his career and had him fighting on HBO at a relatively young stage in his career often collecting nice paydays. And those paydays have only increased substantially over time all the while in with opponents whom he should (and did) easily dominate. If I am not mistaken, for his January HBO fight against Juan Carlos Burgos he got paid in excess of $700,000.

Garcia is so talented and needs to find a way ASAP to get back in ring and not waste his prime fighting in court instead of the ring.

deepwater2 says:

Is al Haymon trying to advise Garcia? Similar to advising Ward and Chavez Jr?

oubobcat says:

[QUOTE=deepwater2;64933]Is al Haymon trying to advise Garcia? Similar to advising Ward and Chavez Jr?[/QUOTE]

I have been wondering that myself. It just does not make logical sense for Garcia to sue Top Rank after Top Rank has made provided him with so many opportunities (opportunities many young fighters like them do not get so many of) and has made so much money fighting in bouts where he was heavily favored. He is in the Garcia camp of course and Garcia does work with fighters, Maidana for one, advised by Haymon. Maybe Haymon got his people to get in Mikey's ear and make some big promises about the future.

thegreyman says:

Very strange. A real shame for Mikey and his fans that he wont be fighting sooner. He's been one of my favourite fighters for a while now, and I'd love to see him back in the ring, with quality opposition ASAP.

Surely Haymon is not behind this? What's he got to gain?