Maidana's work vs Floyd Mayweather – How he did it: Video Analysis
May 08 2014 10:39 PM
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On May 3 in Las Vegas, Marcos Maidana faced the pound for pound best, Floyd Mayweather. Mayweather won by Majority Decision.

Watch this video by analyst Lee Wylie, which will help you better appreciate just how the underdog gave Floyd his sternest challenge in many moons.

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Radam G says:

TSS Pugilistic Forensic Analyst L-Wy is da MAN. Great job. Holla!

El Dude says:

Floyd Mayweather was an easy job for Marcos Maidana and Team Garcia who showed the world what The School of Robert can do. The only way that Floyd could get away with not giving Maidana a rematch is if he goes after Manny Pacquiao next. The fans could forget about Maidana quick like if Floyd announces a fight vs Manny because No one would ever care about a rematch vs Maidana if the history of Boxing tells the story of Floyd defeating Manny. The question is can Manny finish of Maidana's plate? Maidana was only outscored by 9 jabs from Floyd but it was Maidana doing all the whooping in the ring. Does Manny have the same capabilities of producing such high volume of punches through out 12 rounds, yes he does and Manny is also faster than Marcos when it comes to foot skill so technically speaking who really has the edge being that Floyd's code has been exposed.
By El Dude.