Manny Pacquiao says Bradley has improved, but he wants to make clear he is the better fighter
Feb 04 2014 7:53 PM
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Marcos Villegas talked to Manny Pacquiao about his decision to fight Timothy Bradley again. Pacquiao has always stated (and many feel the same way) that he won the first match against Bradley, he says he wants to make that clear in this rematch, he wants to prove he is the better fighter.

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Radam G says:

Those hating souls that gave Bradley a gift in the first match cannot help him now. They have been kicked to the curve. The jive turkeys gave Bradley a win that he did not deserve.

He is now delusional to da max. Somebody ought to tell him: “ALL RIGHT NOW, RELAX! Dude is straight-up bad tude wilding! He has already back himself into a corner. And now his arse is a lone goner. On Bradley, Da Manny is not going to be easy. Off dat mouthy bytch, he is going to knock da greasy.

The powers that be robbing Da Manny was so darn sleazy. And now you have made Bradley think that he is mighty, when the jive joker is measly. He has a mighty big head and some giant feet. But he won't be able to handle the Pac-heat! Holla!