Marcos Villegas
Nov 21 2011 4:57 PM

villegasA quickly rising broadcasting talent, Marcos Villegas can be seen covering boxing and MMA for the boxing channel and Fight Hub TV at various fights and pre/post fight functions. Marcos' work is extensive, consisting of various interviews and stories of his featured on Yahoo Sports, Sports Illustrated, USA Today, The New York Daily News among others. Ranked at one time as the #34 most viewed broadcaster on youtube, his various interviews have reached a viewing audience of over 5 million. A fight fan in it's purest form, Marcos also contributes his time to his own site, Fight Hub TV in his free time, HE can be found training in the cross disciplines of boxing, submission grappling, muay thai and MMA. Marcos graduated from Cal State University Fullerton with a Bachelor's degree in Advertising and a minor in Radio, TV, AND Film. He currently covers the fight scene in Southern California and Las Vegas, contributing to The Boxing Channel as well as Fight Hub TV.

Marcos Villegas Founder

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