Mayweather Sr.: “When you are taking that many punches, like Angulo, it's time to stop it”
Mar 09 2014 9:05 AM
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Floyd Mayweather Sr. consideres stoppage of the Canelo vs. Angulo fight a right call by the referee.
Tony Weeks stopped the fight at the beginning of the 10th round after he considered Angulo had taken enough punishment, Alredo Angulo was very upset about it as he considered he could continue to the fight and the crowd booed the decision. At the time of the stoppage Saul Alvarez was ahead in the cards.

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The Commish says:

I fail to believe how many callers to my SiriusXM show were hollering that Tony Weeks' made a mistake in stopping the Alvarez v Angulo fight. We even had a few callers who who believed that Angulo was even going to come back strong and stop Alvarez. Are they kidding? What were those callers smoking? Do they really believe Angulo was going to storm back–like Diego Corrales did against Jose Luis Castillo and the way Arturo Gatti did against so many opponents?–and stop Alvarez. The NSAC doctors didn't and nor did Tony Weeks–who will always have the stoppage of Leavander Johnson on his mind around eight years ago. Alfredo Angulo was not going to win that fight. But because of Weeks, he will be able to have the chance to fight on and win others.

Nice job, Tony. Alfredo Angulo should thank you. But he probably didn't. And probably won't.

So, I will. Thank you, Tony! Nice job.

-Randy G.

The Shadow says: