Mayweather vs. Maidana – Fight Week is here- What do you expect from this rematch?
Sep 10 2014 12:19 AM
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“Blood, Sweat and Tears” is what fans should expect on Saturday, September 13 according to Floyd Mayweather.

Many say that Mayweather has Maidana all figured out and this fight won't be even close. Others believe it's exactly the opposite, Maidana learned from his mistakes and has a bigger shot at giving Mayweather the first loss of his career. What do you think?

Floyd “Money” Mayweather, Marcos “El Chino” Maidana and all the fighters in the SHOWTIME PPV® and SHOWTIME® televised action Saturday made their grand arrivals at a jam-packed lobby at MGM Grand this September 9.

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The Shadow says:

A clinical dissection bordering on criminal assault.

flackoguapo says:

[QUOTE=The Shadow;63558]A clinical dissection bordering on criminal assault.[/QUOTE]

I'm watching the fight again later on tonight dude. Tell me what you saw in the later rounds because I saw them as close rounds.

The Shadow says:

[QUOTE=flackoguapo;63559]I'm watching the fight again later on tonight dude. Tell me what you saw in the later rounds because I saw them as close rounds.[/QUOTE]

Cool, Showtime just uploaded it to Youtube.

As for later rounds, I saw that, too. At least somewhat. A better word for me was competitive.

You can look at what took place in that ring in two ways.

As a fight, strictly, Maidana got the better of Mayweather.

In a boxing match under the rules of the Marques of Queensberry, Mayweather outscored Maidana handily, tallying a comfortable margin on the scorecards.

Upon first glance watching in a bar, I had it 7-5.

Admittedly, I got caught up in the hype and was surprised at the aesthetics of the fight, which led to me being biased in favor of Chino.

Second, third and fourth time around I saw it anywhere from 8-4 and 9-3. (Those punch stats were as erroneous as it gets. Eighty percent of those 220 connects were illegal punches.)

Many say Maidana dominated the first 4-6 rounds, but Mayweather clearly won the second round — actually buzzing Maidana, while ripping him with those evil body shots — and arguably the third round as well.

Check out some of these still pics I took and watch Maidana's body language. This is what led to me digging.





Unlike the ones Maidana landed on Mayweather, these were shots that Mayweather landed on Maidana in between his shots, between combinations, as he was breathing and unprepared!

Mayweather, on the other hand, stood with his hands up, flexed his core thus limiting the debilitating effects of them — at least relative to the ones Maidana ate.

In the first three rounds alone, I saw numerous vicious body shots and later many more stiff jabs to the body — I took about 20-30 photos — that made Maidana hunch over, step back or visibly gasp.

By comparison, when you saw a clean Shane Mosley gas after five rounds, he gassed in part by going for broke in round two and in part from the body shots he was taking while trying to take Floyd out.

Mayweather landed more than twice as many, twice as hard on Maidana.

#USPostal #Discovery

I don't think Maidana — or any human being alive, for that matter — can be in much better physical condition than that to withstand this type of punishment without gassing out completely.

Consider this, too. Floyd is considerably stronger inside for this fight, his injured hand is better, he's going to fight smarter and will sap Maidana faster.

Maidana on the other hand won't be in any better shape than he was, he won't get away with as many rough tactics, and the element of surprise is gone.

All in all, if he comes out the same way he did before, I don't see any way possible Maidana lasts beyond eight unless Floyd gets injured.

oubobcat says:

I think Maidana comes out guns a blazing early, even more so than he did in the first fight.

Mayweather will be fully expecting this and be much better prepared this time around mentally for that kind of attack.

Maidana with his activity may still win the early rounds but no way he can keep up that pace.

He will slow and Mayweather will seize control landing clean quick shots on Maidana as he plods forward in the middle and late rounds.

This starts to become a whitewash on the scorecards and going into the last round Garcia tells Maidana to go for broke and the ko. Maidana knowing its the last round picks up the pace and Floyd plays a prevent defense knowing he has the fight in the bag.

The scoring will be as follows on all three cards…Rounds 1 and 2 to Maidana, 3-11 for Mayweather and 12 for Maidana. Mayweather 117-111 and bring on the “surprise” for May.

flackoguapo says:

I can see that but I also think the ref will play a big factor on how the bout is scored and fought.I say that because Maidana doesn't mind letting uppercuts and freestyle-swimming-stroke type punches go while Floyd has a hold of his arm or body. Mayweather can win a both relatively 'clean' and dirty fight but the rough tactics have to favor Maidanas chances. Maidana is a shy, seemingly socially awkward, vicious type dude. He does not come to touch gloves or be a sportsman, he is a silent killa' who seems to rather hear bones crack then cheering of the crowd.

@ Shadow- I only watched the first four rounds but daaamn! It's like I am seeing a different fight! Most clean shots that Maidana landed on Floyd had little leverage and pop and all the other work was just slipping and grazing more than landing. It gets tricky because the rounds are competitive (IMO) because floyd wasn't throwing enough punches. It was like either Maidanas dirty swarming aggression or Floyds select few sneaky clean work. If Floyd picks up the punch output i can see him having an easier time getting the decision against Maidana. Good news for fight fans is that Maidana plays for keeps so we know that it just takes one or possibly two of those crazy punches to land and change the bout(even the sport itself) up.