Mexican American Boxing in Los Angeles a book by Gene Aguilera
Jun 16 2014 11:34 PM
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Al Bernstein reviews the book by Gene Aguilera, Mexican American Boxing in Los Angeles.
Book Description:

Welcome to the colorful, flamboyant, and wonderful world of Mexican American boxing in Los Angeles. From the minute they stepped into the ring, Mexican American fighters have electrified fans with their explosiveness and courage.

These historical images bring to life a sociological culture consisting of knockouts, the Main Street Gym, the Olympic Auditorium, neighborhood rivalries, Mexican idols, posters, and promoters.

Like a winding thread, “the Golden Boy” Art Aragon bobs and weaves throughout the book.

From “Mexican” Joe Rivers to Oscar De La Hoya, the true stories of their sensational ring wars are told while keeping alive the spirit and legacy of Mexican American boxing from the greater Los Angeles area.