Mikey Garcia says a fight with Takashi Uchiyama is possible in the near future
Apr 15 2014 6:03 PM
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Miguel Angel “Mikey” Garcia, WBO super featherweight champion, talks about his next fight, and mentions that  fighting current WBA Super featherweight Champion Takashi Uchiyama in June or July is a strong possibility.

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dino da vinci says:

[QUOTE=Editor Mike;49385][url=http://tbc.ib.tv/mikey-garcia-says-a-fight-with-takashi-uchiyama-is-possible-in-the-near-future][/QUOTE]

I was going to mention this some time back. I believe this potential confrontation is the single best the sport of boxing can offer the sporting public. As I type this I don't know of a more perfect match-up. This is the ultimate 50/50 fight of 2014. And it would be between two short list P4P guys. It may not have the sex appeal of Money May and the Pacster, but it would appear to be a tremendous fight and possible war, at least on paper, if it makes it's way into the mid-rounds.

Winner? The fans.