The Mind of Bernard Hopkins
Jan 26 2018 2:40 AM

The Mind of Bernard Hopkins – Future Hall of Famer Bernard Hopkins is in California for this Saturday’s Golden Boy fight card on HBO that sees Lucas Martin Matthysse fight Tewa Kiram in the main event.

Hopkins carved out a legendary career for himself and he continues to be immersed in the boxing game as a promoter and executive. Listening to Hopkins over the years you know that the man is always ready to drop some knowledge on those listening. Hopkins not only won world titles in the ring, he also self-managed the business end of the sport that so often is an area fraught with pitfalls. His success and the way he carries himself are the reason people listen.

So what was on the mind of the Philly native during this short segment where he addresses the press? You guessed it, the Philadelphia Eagles and this year’s Super Bowl. The Eagles will enter Super Bowl 52 an underdog against the New England Patriots and, well, Hopkins embraced the underdog role his entire career. We will let him tell you the rest of what is on his mind…..

Oh yeah, and for more on this Saturday’s HBO card that Hopkins is involved in, check out “Matthysse vs Kiram Hits HBO This Saturday.”

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Bernard Hopkins