Muhammad Ali Funeral 2016 Event of the Year
Dec 30 2016 6:23 PM

Muhammad Ali Funeral 2016 Event of the Year – On June 3rd of 2016 the world lost the “Greatest”, Muhammad Ali.

Boxing’s greatest icon had passed and the boxing world mourned. Of course, there were memories of Ali’s marvelous in-ring career and his bombast as an athlete. Also remembered was how Ali transcended beyond boxing to become a cultural icon that helped to change the world in the 1960’s and 1970’s. Notable too was the sharing of many personal and touching moments from throughout Ali’s life from people from all walks of life, revealing more about the man who was already one of the most public figures in modern times.

Younger people who perhaps did not witness Ali at the pinnacle of all his powers may recall his poignant 1996 appearance at the Olympic Games in Atlanta where a fading Ali, already visibly suffering from Parkinson’s Disease, lit the torch during the opening ceremonies.

Ali’s appearance at the games was the last time the entire world watched Ali while he was alive, and to many it seemed almost like a farewell from Ali to the world. For the next 20 years he never stopped being Muhammad Ali, but the ravages of Parkinson’s saw him in public less and less.


Muhammad Ali Funeral 2016 Event of the Year

Ali’s passing was obviously met with tears throughout the boxing world but if anyone thought that too much time had passed since his heyday and that he was starting to be forgotten, Muhammad Ali’s June 10th funeral showed how the image of Ali still resonates on a world-wide level.

On June 10th, 2016 the entire world stopped to pay their final respects to Ali. Around the world billions stopped to view the solemn procession, and the ceremonies in Ali’s hometown of Louisville, Kentucky was attended by the boxing world, by celebrities and even heads of state as well as throngs of ordinary, everyday people all pausing to pay their respects.

Young and old alike all paid their respects to a man many called simply “The Greatest” as Ali stopped the world one final time before taking his rest.

When the world said good-bye to Muhammad Ali is your 2016 Event of the Year.

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Muhammad Ali Funeral 2016 Event


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