Oscar de la Hoya talks Amir Khan vs. Mayweather or Kell Brook after Alexander victory
Dec 16 2014 11:55 AM
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Golden Boy Founder and President Oscar De La Hoya, says he wants Amir Khan to fight Floyd Mayweather next, but if that doesn't happen then Kell Brook or Manny Pacquiao would be great options.

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Radam G says:

Big Money Oscar will sell you cheese off a mouse trap.

Amir Khan has improved about 10 percent with the whisperer Trainer Virgil Hunter. But Khan still holds his chin out and his head up. A swarmer hooker or a one-time, one-shot kayo artist like Keith Thurman would kayo him early and quickly.

I'm beginning to believe that Khan has some type of physical limitation or deformity that is stopping him from bending his knees or squatting low.

It is so odd to me that he never sit low on punches or does what we call in boksing “dip dip and slip.” I'm beginning to believe that he cannot go from standing to sitting on the floor or canvas on his butt.

Dude is suspiciously not loosey-goosey from below the navel to knees. I remember when he was in Da Manny's camps, he didn't squat low when during butt exercises. And he didn't like doing the duck walk or run. And while squatting he never kicked up and touch his toes with his fingers.

I willing to bet money on it that Khan is hiding some type of anatomical limitation or deformity.

I ain't hating. I've gone back and looked at films of him all way to his amateur days in the juniors. And dude just does not and never had the ballet and gymnastics of an out-fighting or in-fighting pug. Holla!