Peterson-Matthysse Weigh-In fighters made weight and all is set for May 18th event
May 17 2013 10:03 PM
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Lamont Peterson and Lucas Matthysse made the catch-weight limit of 141 pounds with Peterson weighing in at 141 lbs. and Matthysse tipping the scale at 140 lbs.

Dave Bontempo: Hi everybody Dave Bontempo for The Boxing Channel in Atlantic City New Jersey, the anticipation is growing for Matthysse and Peterson, which is tomorrow night a crowd has gathered for
the weigh-in which will be momentarily so lets go up to the podium and see how it  plays out for these guys.

Jimmy Lennon Jr: And stepping onto the scale first with a record of thirty one wins one loss one draw and sixteen knockouts from Washington, DC the IBF junior welterweigh champion of the world Lamont Peterson!. Lamont Peterson weighs-in at 141 pounds.

And now ladies and gentlemen, from Trelew, Argentina, hard hitting record of thirty three and two thirty one superlight welterweigh world champion: Lucas Martin Matthysse!

Lucas Martin Matthysse weighs in at a one hundred forty pounds even one hundred forty pounds.

There they they are ladies and gentlemen one of boxing's most anticipated showdowns.

Lamont Peterson vs Lucas Martin Matthysse twelve round welterweight attraction.

Dave Bontempo: well Al Bernstein joins us now, of course he will be calling the fight tomorrow night and Al, what do you think about uh… of the weight numbers here?

Al Bernstein: yeah you know now obviously this fight uh… is an over the weight fight Peterson, came in at  one forty-one and Matthyssse at one forty now the reason there is not a title  on the line is because of some boxing politics in which the WBC, did not want to have an IBF interim title involved which uh… was Peterson's title and so they all just agreed to not have any titles on the line and at the end of the day as is often the case in boxing now it's the match up that's compelling and so these two fighters agreed that one forty-one would be the catch weight, Peterson came in at that Matthysse though
right on the money at one forty ,a true …junior welterweight.

Dave Bontempo: and that's why they have some trouble sometimes in these divisions explaining, everything even as you just did it so, well there, imagine if you didn't know you

Al Bernstein: you know what we need a lawyer where is a lawyer when we need one you know

Dave Bontempo: sub-paragraph three one hundred forty pounds now this is a very exciting fans fight don't  you think, talk about the match up and this is compelling for styles and for excitement.

Al Bernstein: you know but this is a fight. that nobody HAD to take nobody had to make this fight you know, here is Peterson, who could go out fight somebody else for his title.

Matthysse is in the line to fight Danny Garcia as a mandatory contender, they decided to fight each other, they said this is going to be a great fans fight, the winner is rumored to be fighting Danny Garcia next, there is a strong likelihood but forget about  the future this fight right now is the thing i think it is a terrific style matchup. You know we have the big puncher in Lucas Matthysse, 31 knockouts in 33 wins and Lamont Peterson, a true boxer-puncher  but the emphasize on the attacker, specially in recent fights, could Peterson even be a boxer in this fight, a pure boxer, i don't know, that's why i think it's going be exciting fight

Dave Bontempo: Will be interesting to see who is able to maintain a style well with Al Bernsteinin atlantic city this is Dave Bontempo for The Boxing Channel, don't forget to stay tuned, we've got coverage all weekend and we'll  be with you after the fight is well.

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