Provodnikov vs. Algieri: HBO Boxing After Dark Highlights
Jun 15 2014 2:38 AM
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Highlights from the Ruslan Provodnikov vs. Chris Algieri fight at the Barclays Center on june 14, 2014.

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Skibbz says:

I read that this episode of HBO Boxing After Dark peaked at 1.1m viewers. It's been the highest number of viewers for the program this year and compliments the fight itself which had the 3rd highest cable TV viewership of 2014. Clearly both fighters have perked the interest of the public. Great for both guys, hopefully this will mean they can land better and bigger fights.

thegreyman says:

Provodnikov is liked by every fight fan, I'm sure. How can you not?

He's got a good few years in him yet, and another title I'm certain. Hopefully this exposure will put him in the minds of more fans, who will in turn push for big match-ups for the Siberian Rocky.

Put him in with the right opponent, and you're guaranteed fireworks. If you could get someone who'll fight like Bradley, it's an instant FOTY candidate. He's ideal for Mexican or S. American fighters with some real cojones.

I say bring him back against Matthyse, winner fights Maidana, winner fights Floyd next Sep.