Road to Alvarado-Rios 3: Preview
Jan 07 2015 12:00 AM
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Preview one of the most anticipated trilogies that kicks off 2015. Road to Alvarado-Rios 3 debuts Sat., Jan. 10 on HBO. Alvarado-Rios 3 happens Saturday, Jan. 24 live on HBO beginning at 9:45pm ET/PT.

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The Commish says:

No matter how hard you hear Alvarado is training for this fight, the lifestyle he lives is one of self-destruction.

He is going to take his usual beating and fight back like his usual self against Rios, but this time, I think the ending is going to finish their trilogy, as well as Alvarado's career.

Have you heard him speak lately? Those countless punches he has absorbed with his noggin' aren't taking effect.

They've TAKEN effect!

There's no way I see him winning this, or having a long, healthy, happy life.

Sorry, Alvarado fans.

-Randy G.

stormcentre says:

Yeh, you're kind of right.

Not many fighters last long in the sport of boxing with that face forward style and/or take one to give one or two – or vice/versa.

Chavez Senior and some others are exceptions – but he would systematically break guys down, and there was a calculated evilness about his approach that meant he wasn't just going in there for a tear up. Mean and awesome dude in his prime though.

Rios (as you know) is a bit of a mad dog though.

Not a lot of ducking, weaving, defence and/or thinking going on in there once the bell rings – perhaps even before.

No forward planning. Just kill or be killed.

Still, boxing is a tough game even when you do know what defence is and can meaningfully practice it.

Funny thing is, guys like Rios – who love to bang out or trade (and don't get me wrong I do – or did – too) sometimes seem as if they don't get it.

Or maybe they do – after all he has got his big payday from the “Pakcow” fight.

I mean, if you can hang in there, slug, and do damage, and you enjoy and are successful with that style – that's all good.

But, with a decent defence you can do all that, plus set guys up even more.

More importantly, with a decent defence you can also seriously land when your mark is in compromising positions (and while you're not risking getting hit).

No comparison.

Look at some of Leonard's KO's, and also some of Floyd's in the lower weights.

Although the Ricky Hatton stoppage (admittedly Ricky had to move up above his more natural fighting weight) was about as sensationally embarrassing as you can get, particularly given Ricky's pre-fight comments about Floyd being boring.

Who says Floyd can't back it up?