Road to Golovkin/Geale
Jul 16 2014 12:00 AM
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Watch the HBO special: Road to Golovkin/Geale. Golovkin vs. Geale happens Sat., July 26 at 9:30pm ET/PT on HBO.

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oubobcat says:

Geale is coming to fight and win, there is no question. I think he is going to have his share of moments in this fight, particularly early. He is a skilled natural Middleweight who can use his legs to create angles and maybe a little frustration for Golovkin (mind you, a little).

Golovkin's boxing skills are vastly underrated. He has an excellent jab and sets up his own power shots well. He is particularly good at creating angles himself to hand clean hard body shots especially with that left hook to the liver.

Geale has his moments but Golovkin breaks him down round by round here. I think Golovkin will do enough body work to take the legs from Geale and slow him down as each round progresses. Geale is tough and I don't see him getting KO'd early but think eventually Golovkin will break him down. Golovkin by late round stoppage in a good fight.

Skibbz says:

Golovkin almost looks like a carbon copy of Kostya Tszyu in the way he fights. He likes to hook and uppercut more than Tszyu and might not be as intelligent (haven't seen the proof) but he fights a lot like the Thunder from Down Under – and it's no bad thing at all. Both have power in both hands, both throw thudding jabs and use it to set up their monster back hands, which when they land it's pretty much over and out.

Geale is no Thunder from Down Under. He's got little Tasmanian Devil in him and he's going to be going through a whole night of pain when they meet in the ring.

I hope he manages to hang on for the full 12, just to see how Golovkin does. I hope he fights hard and brings fire to the show but the problem is when Gennady hit's someone they stay hit, he's flash with his right hand and I just see Geale going down. Golovkin is due to show us his best, and Geale could be the fighter who brings it out the best so far in the Kazakh. Can't wait.

flackoguapo says:

I will be paying extra attention to how GGG cuts the ring off! Geale has a lot of guile with his footwork and will be a tactical test for GGG. I did not know Geale has never been stopped as a pro! So a knock-out over Geale and GGG adds more validation to his boogy-man status.