Robert Garcia: “We're not worried about Mayweather's power or speed, we will have a better plan”
Jul 15 2014 3:34 PM
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Marcos Maidana's trainer, Robert Garcia says he has learned from Maidana's first fight against Mayweather and he will make the changes needed and have a full camp and expects this to make a difference in the rematch.

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flackoguapo says:

That extra weight that Garcia wants Maidana to keep off come fight night may come into play. MM and RG have both said they aren't worried about Mayweathers power but Maidana has been hurt in plenty of fights against guys that I dont think are a notch above Mayweather in terms of power(Soto-Karass, Josesito Lopez, Broner) Maidana will keep on fighting the good fight but that weight can be a hi-risk hi-reward move by Team Maidana.

Skibbz says:

I agree Flacks but I think it could help him. Speed kills too and when he's clubbing 8 punches together that one that Floyd may not sense/see could be the one that hurts him. I'm picturing it on the ropes when Floyd let's it happen but I think Floyd is too well tuned and practised for anything serious to hit him, for anything to really catch him by complete surprise.

Nobody is perfect and everyone has a time but I'm not seeing it being Maidana. Who knows, maybe Maidana coming in a little lighter could help their cause, but it could also help Floyd as it leaves Maidana lacking his best tool in war.

flackoguapo says:

Well said bro. Maidana is not the most accurate puncher so I rather see him with more weight behind his punches. Of course it could be a stealthy quick punch that catches Floyd but why play the exception? Maidanas bread and butter is those heavy hands that bust through gloves and arms. Maidana should not try and tamper with his main attribute that is capable of that “lotto” shot at any point of a fight.