Rocky Martinez and Orlando Salido get Split Draw
Sep 13 2015 12:00 AM
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With scores of 115-113 for Martinez 115-113 for Salido and 114-114 for a Draw the Roman Martinez vs. Orlando Salido rematch was declared a Split Decision Draw. With this Rocky Martinez retains his WBO World super featherweight title.
Many disagreed with this decision, it was a close fight but Salido threw more punches, however they had the same percentage of punches thrown/landed : Salido 285-1037, Martinez 189-691. Both landed at 27 percent.



“I definitely won the fight. They counted a knockdown that wasn't really a knockdown.

“He threw a lot of punches but most of them didn't connect, they landed on my arms.


“I did all the work and I thought I won the fight. I thought the first couple of rounds were even but then I took control of the fight afterwards.

“I was definitely looking for the championship. As you all saw I threw more of the punches and I thought I won the fight.

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