Sammy Vasquez: “I want to climb Mount Everest!”
Jul 11 2016 7:00 AM
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The Boxing Channel’s analyst and field reporter Kid Hersh crashes Sammy Vasquez’s training camp at Triple Threat Gym in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

The interview covers everything from Sammy’s dual nicknames as “The Sergeant” and “The Who Can Mexican” to his training techniques for his July 16th fight against Felix Diaz.

Sammy has a very interesting training technique of punch counting on the heavy bag and correlating it to punches thrown in sparring. This is used to know when he is peaking out in training camp.

Don’t miss the end of the video where Sammy talks about life after boxing plans such as climbing Mount Everest!

Additional footage of Sammy Vasquez Sparring LHW In Training Camp For Diaz

Sammy Vasquez sparring at Triple Threat Gym in Colorado Springs, Colorado, for his upcoming fight on July 16th against Olympic gold medalist and top contender Felix Diaz. He is sparring undefeated professional light heavyweight Stephen Nelson.

Coach Charles Leverette does not fear people seeing his fighter train, saying about this video “If a one minute video loses us the fight then we were going to lose anyways.”

You can see Sammy working on both his offense and his defense here as he gives ground at first and uses his legs to create distance and then pressures Nelson afterwards looking to create openings.

Sammy likes to use his right as a tool; he will paw with it to judge distance but also use it on elbows, forearms, and shoulders to position his opponent where he wants them.

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