Sergey Kovalev: “Hopkins is not a regular man, he is an alien”
Oct 03 2014 10:31 AM
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Marcos Villegas had a chance to speak to WBO Light Heavyweight World Champion Sergey Kovalev as he prepares for his November 8, 2014 world title unification fight against WBA & IBF Light Heavyweight World Champion Bernard Hopkins at Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City, New Jersey which will be televised live on HBO World Championship Boxing®

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flackoguapo says:

Kovalev seems confident and fit, and big salute to him for stepping up his English. I remember when he did an in-ring interview once, and he has improved impressively. It shows a lot of mental discipline and dedication

Radam G says:

At least S-Ko realizes that 49 is just more of a number. For “The Alien, you have to qualify that. Chronologically B-Hop is 49 years old. But biologically, he could be 30, 25 or younger. WTF! What does he eat?

According to doctors and scientists, who are studying my 84-year-old gramps for longevity, da old dude's internal organs, including his liver, heart, lungs, prostrate and colon, are that of a 35 year old.

In other words, people who eat right reverse and/or delay the aging process. Look at the once Rev. Al Sharpton. When the dude was in his late 40s and early 50s, his fat arse was suffering from arthritis, high blood pressure and damage organs and had prematurely aged to be that of a man in his 70s.

Now the just-turned 60-year-old dude has saved his life, lost the arthritis, high blood pressure and organ damages and has rolled his age back to a biological 40 something.

Y'all know da deal. You can see his once very unhealthy arse on his MSNBC news-and-view show. Dude looks more younger and fit at 60 than he did at 30. I think that he gave Shannon “Yea Champ” Briggs some tips to lose nearly a 100 pounds.

OMFG! The Alien may just be biologically younger than S-Ko. So is he really gonna get whupped by an old fart? Not at all. A biological younger dawg is making his arse fall. BOW WOW, BOW WOW! d@mn ALIEN! Holla!