Timothy Bradley's trainer, Joel Diaz, says Bradley needs to be active and make a statement against Provodnikov
Feb 10 2013 12:23 PM
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Timothy Bradley's trainer, Joel Diaz, says Bradley needs to be active and make a statement against Provodnikov

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stormcentre says:

Bradley should walk this guy into some lovely combos if all goes well in training and the fight. Would be nice to see Bradley execute a KO; but I'm not holding my breath on it.

dino da vinci says:

Scary thing this Tim Bradley. I love fighters of various styles. I love fighters that nobody else likes. Something about this kid I just can't warm up to, and he seems to be a great guy. Why? I get along great with boring. I love effectiveness, the man's undefeated. I love guys that give the sport their all. Nobody works harder than this guy. For the life of me I can't figure it out.

stormcentre says:

Dino it may be because Bradley is not always an entertaining fighter to watch; even though he is efficient and effective. Kind of in the same way Devon Alexander isn't; even though their styles are different. Bradley can be hesitant at times, and he didn't win any “spectator points” in his fight with Pacquiao – even though he claims to have been injured.

The good thing is that Bradley and his team seem to understand all this and have promised a change of winds in this fight. One thing about Bradley is, IMO, (aside from him claiming to not use his head) he doesn't talk too much garbage.

So . . . it should be a good fight and a good test for both IMO.

Roach has talked up a good game – as he always does. According to Roach Provodnikov gave Pacman the best sparring out of all that was at the Wildcard gym, and he expects Bradley to run when in the ring with Provodnikov. Clearly he wants Bradley to engage in a war with Provodnikov. My bet is that Roach is saying this so Provodnikov, whom we are told will be fighting differently in this fight, can have a change to display that power that he obviously has; on Bradley's jaw.

In Provodnikov's previous fight with Chris Huerra (spelling?) he displayed good pressure, stamina and power – but exploitable balance, plan “B” (or lack thereof) and defence traits. All of which should be relatively easily for a guy like Bradley to at least etch out a points win with, particularly if he boxes, moves and power-shots when the opportunity presents. Of course, that is all provided Provodnikov doesn't catch Bradley cold or otherwise – as he does look like he can hit and hurt, and he doesn't stop trying for the KO.

Anyway, it's hard to imagine a switched on guy in the ring like Tim getting caught cold/early or otherwise with a guy like Prod though. But, as you know, it does happen.

Anyway, I assume that because Bradley has previously been in with several tough stamina/pressure fighting guys possessing slightly different styles, before (Abregu, Peterson, Holt, Campbell & Pacquiao); he should be able to deal with Provodnikov, capitalise on the gaps that exist and Provodnikov's main weaknesses; which is, IMO, overcommitting to punches, emotion and becoming predictable whilst in search of the KO or lost points.