Vasyl Lomachenko is not worried about his opponent or anything else, he just wants to win the title
Jun 18 2014 10:29 PM
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Ukraine Two-time Olympic gold medalist Vasyl Lomachenko is as ambitious as always and is once again going for the crown this time against Gary Russell Jr. and for the vacant WBO World Featherweight. This will be Lomachenko's third professional bout and the second as a world title contender.

Photo Credit: Gene Blevins – Hoganphotos/Golden Boy Promotions

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brownsugar says:

It's really hard to pick against this kid. As much as I'd like to see a win by Team USA Gary Russell, all I can do is hope for the best. Both boxers are taking an aloof and very impersonal approach which means they both want to win this in the worst way. If Russell is not carefull I can see VLO blitzing him at any given moment within the first 5 rounds. I am hoping Russell is at least as good as advertised so we can enjoy a good fight.

this kid is hyped, you can feel the electricity and anticipation crackling in the air.

VLO seems like he's just waiting for the opening bell.
I don't think he will be phased by the big stage at all.
In a fight of this magnitude some boxers seize the moment and elevate their performance to fit the occasion. That's what I'm getting from VLO right now.

I'd like to see a recent video of Russell if that's at all possible to see if we can get a gage on where his mindset is just days before the fight. Hint Hint….

thegreyman says:

'Boxing's not about HBO or Showtime, it's just a ring'

Truer words never were said. This guy's got my respect. He's fully focused on fighting and nothing else. He just wants to get in there and do his thing, no matter the time, place, network or opponent.

Skibbz says:

I haven't been consumed by the air of excitement and anticipation for this fight.. The days are passing by and the fight is drawing nearer and suddenly after watching this I'm eagerly anticipating the opening bell.

Vasyl looks determined not to let this opportunity slip him by, I only hope that Gary comes with the same fire so we get to see these two young tigers at each other with everything. It should be a cracker.