Victor Ortiz says he wants to prove to himself he can be a champion again
Nov 28 2014 11:59 PM
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Former Welterweight Champion Victor Ortiz  (29-5-2, KO 22)  will return to the ring on December 13 as part of the #KhanAlexander undercard.

Victor Ortiz has lost his last three fights; but he feels miscommunication with his former training had a lot to do with the situation.

Victor is now training with Joel Diaz.

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Radam G says:

Vicious(less) Victor Ortiz is so full of syet. But now he is working with somebody who is going to make him commit. Joel Diaz is not going to take his jive. So I have to give him and Ortiz a high five. No longer will Ortiz have to fake. He's a man, not a creature out of the lake.

Man UP! Be honest! Holla at your dad! He or you could control the life that you had. But now if you don't move forward, that is going to be sad. Not being stuck in the hellious past, you can now be glad.

Hey, Toto — I mean Victor — we are no longer in the rough yesteryears of Kansas. It is a whole new world now. And you need to make your Kansas pops a part of it. Without his sacrifices for you when your were a child, and his genetics, you wouldn't be worth a bit. [url] Holla!

deepwater2 says:

Yup. Ortiz made up the all the lies he told about his daddy. The kid has no shame if he throws his poor dad under the bus.
Rios wants to retire Ortiz because he came up with victor and knows about the lies this guy tells himself.