Virgil Hunter: “Andre Berto knows what it takes to be a winner”
Sep 10 2015 6:22 PM
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VIRGIL HUNTER, Berto's Trainer, final press conference quotes:

“There are some things that a lot of people don't understand. When you have two guys who were born in situations where they try to prove who the king of the school is, you get some real fights.”

“I think about Joe Frazier in the “Thrilla in Manila”, when people thought he was done, but he fought over his head. Does Andre Berto have that capability? Yes, of course he does. We see it all the time in sports. There are nights when it just happens. Andre Berto is going to take it over his head and that?s what he intends to do and what he has to do.”

“We can't match his IQ, but there are other elements that make a successful fight. There is something brewing in the air. I've been around a long time and I know when something is personal. You better tell your people to tune-in for this fight. Trust me; it's going to be a rumble.

“I've seen Floyd's Plan B. I've seen him go to war. I've seen him rumble with guys bigger than him. I'm not going to be swayed by his skill. This fight is going to be fought from way deep down.”

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