What goes into proper physical preparation for a boxer? Danny Arnold gives us some tips
Aug 12 2014 9:16 PM
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Danny Arnold from Plex, talks about some of the mistakes or misconceptions of the physical training that a boxer requires. “Don't just do things because of tradition, do things because they are right”.

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Radam G says:

This dude doesn't know syet 'bout boksing. How many champs has the Plex Gym produced? That is what I thought – ONE disputed alphabet title-belter holder!

The purpose of boxers “jogging” is actually “ROADWORK” to build up your leg endurance, tighting up your torso and improve leg balance correctly by operating your inner ear balance while in nature — MOTHER NATURE, not on a bytch-arse treadmill in a gym full of foul and contaminated air and not of the ingredients of the elements to regulate your blood flow throughout your body from toe to head MOVING; not running up and down in place with no variations of actual running/roadwork moving forward, side-to-side and at various speeds and elevations.

ROADWORK is not for building up your wind in the ring. ROADWORK is for building up the whole NINE of your arse, especially the blood circulating in super rapid speed throughout your body and cranium to give you smooth, flowing concentration and focus in a cool-calm calculated manor of adroited whup-arse. Not bytch hurrying and jiggering from not doing roadwork, but up-and-down treadmill dumbsyet moving in the same spot.

One cannot fool the blood in his/her body. It knows when you are not properly moving to let it circulate when your arse needs to operate. By nature, we are hunters and gathers from old-skool outside moving activity, not literally inside simulations and bullsyeting on New Jack gidgets.

Danny Arnold is a New Jack IDIOT, who is making up and thinking up junk science syet. He doesn't know syet of what the so-called “tradition” of old-skool boksing does. He is a junk dealer. And you will see sooner before later that those New Jack Plex Gym dwellers will soon need a healer. Holla!

Radam G says:

Let Danny Arnold's Plex Gym pugs compete in conditioning contests against the trained-by pugs of Pops Joy May, Virgil Hunter, Robert Garcia, Genie Naazim Richardson, Jesse Reid, Freddie Roach or Nacho Beristain. I guarantee you that those pugs will destroy the jive conditioned pugs of Plea Gym. Holla!

The Commish says:

You go, Radam. A doctor could not have put in any better than that about roadwork, the legs, the cardio-vascular system and blood flow. Nothing beats roadwork. As you would say, Danny Arnold had his arse kicked on that one!

-Randy G.