Terence Crawford will defend his title against Raymundo Beltran on November 29th
Sep 05 2014 11:18 PM
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Undefeated WBO lightweight champion Terence Crawford (24-0,17 KO's) will defend his title again Raymundo Beltran (29-6-1, 17 KO's) November 29thh at the CenturyLink Center, Omaha, Nebraska.

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oubobcat says:

This is a solid fight. Its one that Crawford should win but one that also Beltran has earned. Remember before Crawford beat Burns in Scotland so did Beltran but that fight was ridiculously called a draw. Beltran had some solid wins coming into the Burns fight really earning a shot at him in the first place and had a nice win on the Pacquiao-Bradley II undercard to further solidify his ranking in the division.

I think Beltran will give a good account of himself and ultimately bring out the best in Crawford. Beltran will bring the fight to Crawford and open up particularly to the body which will give Crawford, a great counterpuncher with excellent speed, ample opportunities of his own. This will be an entertaining fight but Crawford's speed and skill should ultimately be enough to get past Beltran.

Crawford though better be 100% physically and mentally prepared for this fight though. Beltran will be and will be bringing the pressure all night. If Crawford lack focus and preparation, well Beltran's pressure could get to him and things could get interesting.

I am looking forward to this one. It should be a good fight and great atmosphere once again in Omaha.

amayseng says:

Good fight.

I want to see more of Crawford.

Can we get him in the ring 3-4 times a year please?

The kid is solid, exciting and should be getting better by the fight..

The Commish says:

This one should be a fantastic fight. I'm so glad Crawford was able to convince Marsa Bob Arum to put the fight against Yuri Gamboa in Omaha. That night, Arum saw just how much Omaha loves its hometown hero.

November 29 should be a fun night for Omaha–and fight fans around the world.

-Randy G.

brownsugar says:

I agree this is a must see fight…Terence will be too sharp and fleet of foot…tko late.

The Good Doctor says:

Like this fight. I feel the way that most of you do above with Crawford getting the W, maybe by KO late. However, Crawford cannot sleepwalk through the first couple of rounds like he did against Gamboa. Beltran will be in Crawford's face all night. Beltran is not a thunderous puncher but could surprise Crawford if he is not on his toes.

I think Beltran's style will show the saying “live by the sword, die by the sword” He will be there early swarming Crawford but that will allow Crawford to unleash his power and use his strength as well. Beltran will eventually find himself overwhelmed and Crawford will methodically break him down.

I also agree that this is great for Omaha. They appear to love the hometown hero and seem to have a great appreciation for boxing as well.

Radam G says:

This fight will let you know how the game goes. And how styles make fights. Beltran is going to make TC look normal, and even dull.

This match up is a mess. TC will not impress. Beltran's awkwardness will cause him to do less TC will win in an ugly hustle and tustle. He will look like a new cow rustle.

TC wanted to fight at home again. But watch for you wish for. You may get it. And it will not be pretty. Holla!