Andy Ruiz Jr defeats Anthony Joshua via TKO
Jun 02 2019 7:54 AM

Andy Ruiz Jr defeats Anthony Joshua via TKO -New York, NY — Tonight at Madison Square Garden, the so-called Mecca of Boxing, Andy Ruiz Jr. became the first Mexican-American heavyweight champion and etched his name in boxing lore with a massive upset of WBA/WBC/IBF world heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua. This was the second biggest upset in the annals of heavyweight championship boxing, trailing Tyson-Douglas but above Braddock-Baer. Ruiz came off the canvas to accomplish the feat.

Standing six-foot-six, Joshua reportedly had a four-inch height advantage, but to the naked eye Joshua looked substantially bigger. He scored the first knockdown of the fight in the third round and it appeared that he on his way to scoring his 22nd knockout in 23 fights. But before the round over, Ruiz had Joshua on the canvas twice. Round 3 became the instant favorite for the 2019 Round of the Year.

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