Emilio Sanchez vs. Christopher Martin Results LIVE
Aug 11 2018 12:20 AM

Emilio Sanchez vs. Christopher Martin Results LIVE

By Marcelino Castillo at Ringside.

First match: The Filipino Recky Dulay beat the Californian Juan Sandoval by knockout with 35 seconds remaining in the fifth round.

Dulay began the fray by nailing Sandoval with combinations and ended it by connecting a strong cross to the right of Sandoval’s face.

Second fight: Oscar Acevedo outpointed Gerardo Molina by unanimous decision. All three judges had it 40-36.

Acevedo had no problems in this fight. He controlled the action at all times and showed off his good boxing to improve his record to 4-0.

Third fight: Raymond Muratalla defeated Guillaume Lorenzo by unanimous decision in 4 rounds. Cards: 40-35; 40-35; 40-35.

Fourth fight: Héctor Tanajara Jr., overwhelmed the Puerto Rican Emmanuel Morales for 8 rounds to win a unanimous decision. Cards: 80-72; 80-72; 80-72.

It appeared that this fight would end inside the distance, but as the assaults were passing the knockout was disappearing and the decision of the fight was left in the hands of the judges.

Main Event: Emilio Sánchez defeated Christopher Martin by technical knockout at the end of the fifth round.

As expected, Sanchez went for the knockout early and encountered little opposition.

Emilio founded his victory with blows to the stomach and hooks to the face of Martin, who eventually could no longer resist the attack.











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