Williams defeats Hurd to become champion
May 12 2019 6:51 AM

Williams defeats Hurd to become champion-Julian Williams turned in a masterful performance versus Jarrett Hurd, outboxing and outbrawling him to win a 12-round decision and become the unified World Super Welterweight Champion.

When the unanimous decision was announced, with scores of 116-111, and 115-112 twice, Williams, from the boxing town of Philadelphia, dropped to his knees in the middle of the ring and sobbed. Then he gave a tribute to his mother on the eve of Mother’s Day.

“I am just overwhelmed,” Williams said. “This is such a great feeling. I outclassed him. I am one of the best fighters in the world. Maybe I wasn’t ready for the title the first time I got the shot (against Jermall Charlo in 2016). I took the loss. I took it like a man and the whole world doubted me.”

“I came in a 5-1 underdog,” a joyful Williams continued. “I shouldn’t be a 5-1 underdog to anyone in boxing.”

Williams (27-1-1, 16 KOs), who was in superb condition. He started strong, fought well on the inside, connecting at will and never giving Hurd a chance to use his size, reach and power.

Hurd (23-1, 16 KOs) made no excuses.

“He is a lot sharper than I expected,” Hurd said. “I knew he had great inside game. It was a little better than I expected. He landed some great shots inside. I thought the close fight was going to benefit me, but it went to both sides.”

Hurd was dropped in the second round by a shot to the temple by Williams, the first time in his career he was knocked down.

“I was surprised when I went down because the punch really wasn’t on my face or chin, it was on the side of the head and I fell over,” he said. “I wasn’t dizzy, but it did surprise me.”

Williams’ career-long trainer, Steven “Breadman” Edwards, said Hurd took too much punishment.

“He’s never been hit with that many clean, accurate, powerful counterpunches,” Edwards said. “When

that happens to a fighter, you gotta worry about him. Jarrett Hurd took a bad beating.”

Edwards also revealed that Williams came into the fight hurt and would have immediate surgery, though he would not reveal which body part was injured. “He will have surgery, but we couldn’t pass up this opportunity.”

There is a rematch clause and Hurd said he wanted it.

“I definitely want the rematch,” he said. “They can stitch me up right now and I could go out there and do it.”