Pacquiao vs Vargas First Face Off
Nov 04 2016 4:12 PM

Pacquiao vs Vargas First Face Off – Manny Pacquiao and Jessie Vargas have been in the spotlight all week, and Thursday November 3rd saw them enjoy a down day before the weigh ins on Friday and the fight on Saturday.

Both men arrived in Las Vegas at the Wynn Resort on Tuesday and faced off Wednesday at Top Rank’s press conference dedicated to their WBO world welterweight title fight. The two will meet in an atmosphere with much higher tension come Friday at the weigh ins, but the Wednesday media junket was the first time the two came face to face entering fight week. Both men exude confidence and appear to be enjoying the spotlight. It is interesting to actually see the men side by side as Vargas appears to be the bigger man. Saturday night will determine if it makes any difference in the ring.

You can check out the raw footage of Wednesday’s entire press conference right here at The Boxing Channel (43 minutes).


Pacquiao vs Vargas First Face Off

Once again, the footage was shot by our roving cameraman Marcelino Castillo on Wednesday, November 3rd.

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Pacquiao vs Vargas First Face Off

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