Roberto Duran Analysis
May 24 2014 12:00 AM
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A look at the great work of Roberto Duran in his 1979 fight against Carlos Palomino.
Another great Boxing Analysis by Lee Wylie, this time on ¨Hands of Stone¨ Roberto Duran.

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Radam G says:

Wow! Another masterpiece as only TSS Pug Archmasteranalyst L-Wy can do. Holla!

Froggy says:

Nice to see Duran get recognition for being a great boxer, I remember when he fought Leonard the first time, most people thought Duran was just a brawler ! He won the fight for many reasons, but he could not have done it without great boxing skill !

The Commish says:

You are so right, Froggy. I was fortunate to have been ringside–not just for that fight–for most of Duran's stateside fights, even those early ones in NY. There is not a question in my mind he is an all-time great fighter, truly one for the ages.

He could box, slug, fight outside or inside, had a solid chin, Superman-like stamina, tremendous defense and command of every punch. His greatest–and perhaps only–weakness was himself.

As far as lightweights go, he may have been the best of all time.

-Randy G.