Dr Ferdie Pacheco Talks Ali vs Frazier (Retrospective)
Nov 22 2017 1:27 AM

Dr Ferdie Pacheco Talks Ali vs Frazier (Retrospective) –  From 1999-2001, our current analyst Frank Lotierzo hosted a radio program on an ESPN affiliate where Dr. Pacheco appeared as a guest on several occasions. Lotierzo guided the conversations to the subjects of Muhammad Ali’s fights with Sonny Liston, Joe Frazier and George Foreman. Pacheco, as Ali’s personal physician, was around him for all three fights and Lotierzo was able to draw a lot of interesting details from the good doctor.

In this second segment at TBC, Lotierzo focuses on his interview with Pacheco regarding the Joe Frazier fights, with a heavy concentration on the pair’s first meeting. As the most famous of all of Ali’s fights it is a highly documented, but yet rare to get the perspective of someone who was so close. This was Pacheco’s second interview with Lotierzo and he appeared to be more comfortable and talkative. Pacheco describes Ali trainer Angelo Dundee as struggling to get a message across to his fighter in a positive way and Pacheco even got into the exchanges between Ali and Dundee in the ring during the first Joe Frazier fight. A must listen.

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Dr Ferdie Pacheco Talks Ali vs Frazier (Retrospective)

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