Jose Benavidez Jr. gets controversial UD win over Mauricio Herrera
Dec 14 2014 4:40 AM
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Jose Benavidez Jr. is the new interim WBA World light welterweight champion, and improved to 22-0 after winning a unanimous decision over Mauricio Herrera with scores of:

Max DeLuca 116-112 | judge: Dave Moretti 117-111 | judge: Eric Cheek 116-112

Many felt Benavidez didn't deserve the win and that Herrera had done enough to defend his title.

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Radam G says:

He did not prove that he was a world-class fighter. He proved that he is a world-class weasel. He knew that he had lost before the gift decision was announced. His clearly told him before the last round that he need a knockout to win. Whatever happened to the old days when fighters would admit that that got a gift when the fight was that obvious?

Ain't no harm in telling the truth. It is good for the soul, and will make you a better person and fighter. Now J-Ben is on the list of judges to get a payback robbery in the future. Oh, YES! He can expect to be rob in any close bout in the future. Holla!