Joe Louis “For All Time” (documentary)
May 13 2014 12:00 AM
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100 years ago (May 13, 1914) the great  prizefighter Joe Louis  was born. In honor of “The Brown Bomber” we leave you this great documentary.

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El Dude says:

Legends of the Boxing ring will forever be remembered with honor, respect and glory. Joseph “Joe” Louis the Legendary heavyweight Brown Bomber of Lafayette, Alabama, standing at a tall 6ft-2 with a total of 70 fights, 66 Big Wins and 52 awesome KOs with a loss that he avenged and two others under well worthy foes like the Great Rocky Marciano, as well as a single no-contest of a fight. Joe is one of the best and the best from his era. Louis also managed to produced 6 fights of the year in which he won 5 of them while avenging the other. With honors given to Heroes and Presidents, Joe passed away in April 12, 1981 at an early age of 66 but the world has Louis in the pedestal of the Halls of Fame from the World for all to behold in awe. It was an uncomfortable time for Joe Louis as an athlete and as a minority during those regretful moments in our history pages of America that we have managed to come along way from. World War 2 saw a lot of our boys go and not return yet this did not stop the patriotism of Joe Louis who enlisted as a private for the US Army as well as fighting a numerous charity bouts fights for the US Navy. It was a tough life and a tough career for Joe who struggled against many barriers to just get his title shot and scored gold during his 32nd pro bout in where he KOd the HW Champ James Braddock in the 8th and It had been along time since the world at that time to see an integrated fight between a white person and a foe of color. After becoming Champion there was nothing stopping the Brown Bomber from exploding. Louis had a long 13-stretch of title defenses that the media nicknamed and placed Joes fallen rivals in a disrespectful and unprofessional list of who they referred to as “Bums of the month”. Long Live the memory of Joe Lewis for you will be remembered “For ALL Time”.
BY El Dude.

Radam G says:

That was some great stuff. Holla!

The Commish says:

Don't copy the WBC's poster commemorating the great man's 100th birthday. They have his last name spelled wrong. They have it “LEWIS.” It's LOUIS.

Many boxing fans make that mistake. That's understandable and acceptable. Not so for the WBC. They should be ashamed of themselves, starting with new President Mauricio Sooliman. Check that. Make it Sulaiman.

-Randy G.