John “The Iceman” Scully Talks Gerald McClellan
Jul 04 2017 10:12 PM

John “The Iceman” Scully Talks Gerald McClellan – It has been more than twenty years since Gerald McClellan faced Nigel Benn back on that fateful day in February of 1995. McClellan was a former world middleweight champion moving up in weight to battle “The Dark Destroyer” for a super middleweight belt but the night would end tragically for McClellan.

Like many of the sport’s fallen, McClellan lives mainly in anonymity. Periodically McClellan’s name pops up as some type of tribute or fund raiser comes about but McClellan lives under the daily care of his immediate family on a day to day basis with little help.


John “The Iceman” Scully Talks Gerald McLellan

“Iceman” John Scully fought everywhere from middleweight to light heavyweight during his career as a contender in the 1990’s and the Connecticut-based Scully remains active in the game today as a trainer. Scully also has grown into a sort of ambassador for the sport and he has been reaching out to boxers that are in need. Scully knew McClellan from their days as amateurs in the 1980’s and Scully will be hosting an August 5th Fund Raiser in New York City to assist McClellan.  Check out more details from “The Iceman” himself as Scully talks to TBC.

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The site of Scully’s August 5th Gerald McClellan Fund Raiser is below. If you are anywhere near New York City on August 5th try to get to Monica’s Lounge as Scully has invited a long list of people from the world of boxing.

Monica’s Lounge
81 E 108th St
New York, NY 10029


The McClellan family has set up a page for donations at Please donate if you can. The family set a modest goal of $20,000 back in 2015 when the page was set up and the goal has not been met. This is a chance to help McClellan and his family directly. The family of McClellan has also set up an official page that tells his story more intimately.

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