WBO’S 31st Convention in Panama: Boxing Exhibit
Oct 30 2018 12:59 AM

Boxing Channel correspondent Marcelino Castillo is currently attending the 31st WBO Convention at the Panama Hotel in Panama. The convention started Sunday with a Golfers Breakfast, followed by attendees participating in the 21st Golf Tournament at the Radisson Summit Resort & Golf Course.

Today began with an early breakfast, followed by a registration session. Before lunch there was an invocation, review of previous proceedings, and presentations from both the president and the treasurer. After lunch, there was a second session which consisted of a general assembly meeting, championship committee report, review of the rules and also the appeals procedure, as well as presentations from both local and international commissions.

All those in attendance enjoyed some time to relax, meet new people and reconnect with old friends. Please join us as we stroll around the hotel and enjoy the exhibit of portraits, championship belts, and boxing memorabilia that the WBO has on display.

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