Whyte vs Chisora Round 5 Wins 2016 Round of the Year
Jan 04 2017 6:27 PM

Whyte vs Chisora Round 5 Wins 2016 Round of the Year – After the pair’s pre-fight taunts, Dillian Whyte vs Dereck Chisora did not disappoint in a bruising 12-round heavyweight war that easily was the highlight of a big venue card in Manchester this past year.

The fight went down on Eddie Hearn and Matchroom Boxing’s December 10th offering at the Manchester Arena on a card crowded with heavyweight action.

Even in the early going both men were wobbled, exhausted and bleeding from the mouth. They continued to club one another with power punches that had the large crowd up and roaring from the get go, but in round five, things went to a new level.  Each took turns hurting the other in back and forth a round that was as explosive as any seen in recent years. Chisora stunned Whyte early with a right and then followed up by drilling a savage hook to the body. He then got Dillian back onto the ropes and launched a huge right and left hook combo. But Whyte responded with combinations of his own as the fight literally exploded with the crowd roaring its approval. At the end, Whyte pinned Chisora on the ropes as he teed off with some withering shots. It was a spine-tingler in all respects, and in terms of back and forth, as close to the Korean War as you could get.

Whyte vs Chisora Round 5 Wins 2016 Round of the Year

Was it the most technically beautiful display of boxing? The answer to that would be no, but did it steal the show at the Manchester Arena in Manchester, Lancashire, United Kingdom? Manifestly. Was it something special? Absolutely.

The chaos in the build-up to the fight was ugly, but both men fought with heart and determination throughout. It was rough in there, but both remained composed and the fight never strayed from the rules much.  In a category with many unsung rounds going unrecognized around the world, that Whyte and Chisora abided by Queensbury after all was said and done and delivered the fight they did on the stage they did paid fitting respect to the sport as well. Round 5 was the pinnacle of that bout, and for that Dillian Whyte vs Dereck Chisora Round 5 wins the 2016 Round of the Year.

Whyte vs Chisora Round 5 Wins 2016 Round of the Year / Check out more on Whyte vs Chisora, Round 5 at The Sweet Science.

Whyte vs Chisora Round 5

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